[Techtalk] perl mail script troubles :o(

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Wed Jan 2 20:28:31 EST 2002

Well, we use an Exchange server so the logs aren't exactly easy to digest
;o) But as far as I can tell the mail *never* gets 'to' the server (the
server never makes delivery based on a connection from the box).

I tried relaying through a linux box and it refused relay but the script
did nothing to note it (it looked like it processed correctly). Which
could mean that ANY server I connect to is refusing to relay my messages
and I will never know about it through the script. Regardless, I can
format addresses such that the mail server *should* relay (or use a mail
server that I lie on the network for).

If I reformat the address so it does correctly relay, exim reports: 

2002-01-02 19:12:47 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP data 
from script-machine.domain.com [192.168.xxx.xxx]

If I run the same script from the debian testing box, exim successfully
delivers the mail.

Another detail I forgot, Mail::Mailer relies on Net::SMTP to do the SMTP
connections and such. Net::SMTP is in the package libnet-perl, which on
the stable box is 1.0703-3 and on the testing box is 1.09-1.

So... now what? :o) 


At 18:37 on Jan 2, Kai MacTane combined all the right letters to say:

> At 1/2/02 06:14 PM , Nicole Zimmerman wrote:
> >On the testing box, the mail is successfully sent. On the stable box, the
> >mail appears to send from the script (as in the script completes with no
> >errors), but the mail never arrives.
> Have you looked in the SMTP server's mail log to see what it thinks 
> happened? There may be an error message there that will help.

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