mutt v. the world (Re: [Techtalk] What I did over the Christmas Holidays!)

Akkana akkana at
Tue Jan 1 15:59:02 EST 2002

[why to use mutt]

Someone else already mentioned the fact that command-line mailers
really simplify life if you have to check mail from multiple locations,
which is why I switched from a gui mailer (Netscape) back to mutt.
(The other solution in that case is to use IMAP, but using mutt is SO
much faster than using a GUI mailer with IMAP ...)

I switched to mutt because of the speed and ease of checking mail
remotely, but now I'm hooked on it for its configurability (for one
thing, it offers very good control of colors, so I can highlight
read/unread/deleted messages in different colors, or highlight
particular message headers in particular colors).  And Procmail
filters are much more flexible than filters in mailers like Netscape
(for instance, I can write smart spam-detection scripts in any language
I choose, and call them from procmail rules) but that means running a
mailer on the mail server, rather than POPing all my mail down from
the server to a local machine.

But there is one disadvantage of this model: it means that I end
up composing all my mail over telnet (or rsh or ssh or whatever)
connections instead of on my local machine, and I'm forever hitting long
network delays (wait 20+ seconds to see what I just typed).  I've long
been wanting to come up with a setup so that I can read my mail with
telnet/mutt, but compose outgoing mail locally (without having to do a
lot of manual saving and ftp'ing of files).  Surely I'm not the only one
to have this desire, but I've never seen any mention of a mailer set up
that way.  Has anyone heard of such a setup?


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