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Tue Jan 1 15:40:10 EST 2002

** On Tue, 1 Jan 2002 22:03:10 +1100 Mary Gardiner <linuxchix at puzzling.org>dashed off this message:

pmfji here, but ..

**I understand one of my flatmates refused to use KMail because it uses
**its own custom mailbox format,

This is still a bit of a problem w/ kmail, even tho it has become much
better than it was even 6 months ago...
for a "universal" sort of client you might try Polarbar mailer .. (
www.polarbar.org ) it's a java client, and as such runs where ever there
is an active JVM  ( makes it good for folks who use multiple OSes)  but
it IS being actively devloped , and , if you join their list they
actually respond to questions , and even , sometimes , actually will add
features that it seems a majority of users would like ( even tho almost
all of the programers have actual "day" jobs which require the majority
of their attention sometimes <g> )

the main problem w/  using pbm is it's current lack of a one click
install ( they are working on it but it's still adifficult concept for a
lot of folks .. shouldn't be too much of a problem for most linux/unix
users , tho .
OTH for me , the worst problem is no spell checker .. and me one of the
ten worst typists in the omniverse <sigh> The guys doing the programming
own the code rights to polarbar itself , but it started life as a
commercial program , so some things , such as the "ice" browser (
builtin for html use in it's earlest inception ) and the spell checker
are components the origional company lisenced from other folks .. and
since no one is paying for polarbar now.. it's not feasable to change
the licensure  .. The browser problme is easily "solved" tho as it's a
configurable option , so you plug in your fave html browser...  it has
great filter system and supports uidls as well as personal postoffices
and mailbox mappings ( in hte event one might wish , perhaps to have one
box on a home -type lan get the mail and deliver it to , say windows
boxen which might be prohibited from  directly getting mail. simular to
the postfix/sendmail etc setups for most linux users  If there are only
two users , say , those things might be on the "I'll get around to
figuring them out someday" list. And a misconfigured system is almost
worse than no configuration at all... hence a somewhat simpler way for
home users to "get started"


afterthought : Bugs are sons of glitches!

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