[Techtalk] Software vs. Hardware RAID

Julie txjulie at austin.rr.com
Sat Aug 31 11:45:54 EST 2002

Dave North wrote:
> Julie:
> > This has nothing to do with your question, but what PCI card as
> > you using for an IDE controller?
> I have a SIIG 1008-62 that I picked up cheap. Works fine.

I wanted to acknowledge you before I completely forgot.

Thanks for the board info.  I found both of the ATA133 controllers
I got with my last collection of Western Digital drives.  I'm planning
to pick up a 120GB drive to play with and see if I can get that machine
to recognize the controller on a fifth drive.  More details when I
bring the machine down -- I've got 39 1/2 days of uptime and I'm
shooting for 40!
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