[Techtalk] Re: Administration+any ideas for a secure linux-based net?

Eeva Järvinen eeva.jarvinen1 at luukku.com
Thu Aug 29 08:28:32 EST 2002

I agree that lots of passwords equals bad. But my cases have been mostly
people on a MS-DOG -type networks, where you really have to type just
_one_ password to log in, and the rest of the authentication is taken care
of by a server. Some people did need (horror!) two passwords, because they
were handling sensitive gov't data. 

The opposition came mostly from high-ranking people, who couldn't be
bothered to change their passwords every two months... Some of them also
used their secretaries to print out their e-mail. This, BTW, is ok, if
they don't use the computers, but they also wanted brand-new workstations
on their desks, which they then proceeded not to use. Uh-oh.

I have been thinking about a new network setup for our small departments
(10-15 workstations), please tell me what you think:

Basically it's a biggish Linux box with mostly just workstations acting as 
X terminals


- I can use existing winboxes as terminals
- all users would be required to log in to just one computer
- all the data would be kept safe in the server (and I'd be able to back 
it up regularly)


- how to share the workload between server & workstations? Just running X 
clients seems a bit idiotic, considering the capabilities of a mundane 
- just how big a server would be needed? (applications would be of basic 
office type, i.e. wordprocessing, some spreadsheet, e-mail)
- is this a nightmare to administer? 


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