[Techtalk] Administration (no flames?)

Dan Richter daniel.richter at wimba.com
Thu Aug 29 11:39:19 EST 2002

When I posted that message warning about going overboard on security, I was 
quite aware that a lot of managers try to do stupid things. I simply wanted 
to point out that most users aren't programmers and don't appreciate 
complicated security measures. I would go even further to say that we 
should be patient with the accountant down the hall that doesn't know 
anything about computers, because I certainly don't know anything about 
accounting. If he doesn't know, he has to learn, but we don't have to use 
LARTs and clue-by-fours.

Also, I was wondering how people would respond. I quite appreciated the 
lack of allusions to my personal life, my mother, my pets, etc. In other 
words, I'm glad that nobody flamed me. That's one nice thing about the 
LinuxChix list.

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