[Techtalk] [OT] HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux

Val Henson val at nmt.edu
Tue Aug 27 18:16:54 EST 2002

This subject is somewhat off-topic for techtalk, but I wanted a few
more reviews before I release this HOWTO in the wild.  The list admins
have given me permission to post this on techtalk, but we ask that you
keep the "Subject" line exactly the same on your replies so that
people not interested in this thread can easily delete it.  Thanks!

With the help of many many women, I wrote "HOWTO Encourage Women in
Linux."  This is mainly a response to all the people at Ottawa Linux
Symposium who asked me what they could do to encourage women to get
and stay involved in Linux.  We had a very good discussion at the
LinuxChix BOF which led to many of the ideas in the HOWTO.

The goal of the HOWTO is to replace that big gnawing empty hole in
many people's heads entitled "Why the heck are women not interested in
Linux and what can I do to change it?"  If that's not what it
accomplishes when you read it, then I need to rewrite it.  Let me know
what you think!


It's too big to post on a mailing list - over 40K. :)


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