[Techtalk] Multi-heading (was Re: Simply Hardware-It's Baack)

Sophie sophie at cats.meow.at
Tue Aug 27 13:17:15 EST 2002

On Tue, Aug/27/02 12:33:14PM +0100, Meredydd Luff wrote:
> Oh, hell. Just at this point I realise that my laptop has a specialised 
> VESA-only XF86Config, so I don't have the exact name of the relevant option. 
> I'll sketch out what you should do, and get back to you soon when I've 
> checked the docs/a different box:

I put a sample multiheaded XF86Config at
if that helps. It's a bit old, as it's from my FreeBSD desktop who's motherboard exploded, so I no longer use that machine.

- sophie

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