[Techtalk] Hardware #4- Lessons learned

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 23 18:03:11 EST 2002

Hello All,

  	You may remember, My just assembled Box was not going past 
BIOS. It was correct I did not need a floppy drive, eventually it did 
boot from the CD.
	Last thing done, prior to a successful boot(Yeah!) was to 
clear the CMOS by shorting the jumper pins as directed in Mboard 
	Prior to that I pressed home the connectors by pulling them 
off completely and putting back in firmly, removed the raid card 
(PCI), left disconnected the 4 drives (intended for the raid), 
installed a extra 15gb drive, connected the 15 (master) to the 
primary w/the CD (slave).  And as posted previously setting jumpers 
from Cable-Select to master/slave along with paying attention to 
cable positions was likely helpful.
	The 4 60's(for the raid) and the CDRW are not now connected. 
Only the CD, the 15 and AGP, plus a case fan ARE RUNNING.
	I am looking forward to attempt the raid installation, 
probably that was installed on the PCI bus to early. Simply checking 
for a boot-able CPU would have been a good idea at very first 
start-up. That was a first timer folly. Live and learn.
	This is probably a good time to update the kernel fr 2.4.3 to 
2.4.19 Y/n? The onboard Ethernet is not working so next thing will be 
to install a PCI 3-com 905, so it can get online.

	What kernel patch was it, discussed earlier? For raid?. I 
don't dare plug in the raid card, (and 4 drives) without consulting 
here first.

	What I want to do is boot from the four drive striped array. 
After that plug in the CDRW to secondary by itself (master?). At some 
point removing the 15gb was considered, should it stay? As a backup? 
The 15 is on a 100 bus, the Raid is 133.

	Once again, I need to say, the reply's from the list were great


	    Have a nice Day!,

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