IDE Controller support (was: Re: [Techtalk] Software vs. Hardware RAID)

Julie txjulie at
Wed Aug 21 10:40:44 EST 2002

Sophie wrote:
> On Tue, Aug/20/02 08:33:41PM -0500, Julie wrote:
> >
> > This has nothing to do with your question, but what PCI card as
> > you using for an IDE controller?  I have some of the ATA/133
> > controllers which used to come with Western Digital drives, but
> > I couldn't get RedHat (2.4.7) to recognize them.  I'll be needing
> > a few more IDE drives sooner or later ...
> Which controllers are those? I couldnt seem to find any information on them :/

Ah, good question!  I assume they are a Western Digital controller
since that is the drive manufacturer.  The controller was included
for free when I bought the two 120GB drives I have in the machine
at the moment.  I'd like to add a few more 120GB drives along with
a DVD+RW drive.

> If you happen to be using a mix of scsi and ide, ide->scsi adapters
> quite well, if you've run out of room to add ide devices. I dont know
> if they support ata/133 though.

They don't have to support ATA/133 as I'm not using any drives
which actually require ATA/133.  However, I do have two of those
controllers, so if 200+GB drives become reasonable being able
to use ATA/133 for those drives would be nice.

At the moment I do have a SCSI adapter, but I'd prefer to limit
it to the Seagate tape drive I use for backups.  As much as I
love SCSI, I hate the price for SCSI drives and I don't need the
performance.  I just need lots of space ...
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