[Techtalk] Simply Hardware 3B

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Tue Aug 20 23:56:35 EST 2002


	As the guy who started this thread I am now scared to the 
bone...that's two references to building a kernel...(-: (-;  :-) 
whhaat am I in for????

	Actually I and it have gone back to the work bench, the 
drives are all loose and ready to take out so I can get at the 
jumpers rather than rely on CableSelect. To some extent it is back at 
the beginning, with a lot more knowledge. Because I added a 5th 
drive, (that will not be part of the raid) a few more cables, screws 
and fans for the drives (which maybe should have been in there 
previously). These things will arrive in a few days. With the 5th 
drive (a 15gb) all the drives moved adjacent to each other rather 
than skipping a bay. I will put four small fans ahead of each space 
between the drives.

	Making the raid in hardware was remarkably easy, the PCI card 
bios did it with the selection of F3 and arrow keys. Problem was/is 
it would not move on to boot. Removing the PCI card, (disconnecting 
the 4x60gb's) adding an extra drive has it booting the CD, and 
writing, but still not yet booting off even the new 5th 15 gb.
	The video card is a AGP not PCI is there still a possibility 
of conflict? The cables are 80 pin so that should be right. I had the 
video card half way out before I realized it had no other place to 
go.(OOP'S) Raid card is now in an upper slot (1 vs 5), PCMCIA card 
reader is in #5 slot.

		The 5th drive is on the secondary mboard slot as 
master by itself. What number position is it?  3 maybe???? In the 
bios, secondary seems listed as 3 or 4, I'm not sure.
	Anyone concerned about the 300w power supply?
		(2-3 inch, 4-small fans, 7 drives, 3 or 4 PCI cards.)
	This is intended as a S video editing PC. The "Vid ed" card 
is not purchased yet, any recommendations?
	IRC is not for me...My Mac is to old and slow and crashes a 
lot when I try it, unless it's web based,(java) even then it's 
re-boot city. Almost can't wait to get this Linux machine going! I am 
avoiding telling my daughter the new machine will do IRC, well, maybe 
I'll tell her, after school starts up.

	Thank You all for the support,

>>  I am currently doing nothing at all with either hardware or software RAID.
>>  But I might do so at some point in the near-to-distant future
>I suspect there are quite a number of people thinking about it, and the
>minimum requirement is just two disks, each with a roughly similar
>partition. And maybe 'no fear' of building a kernel, if need be.
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	    Have a nice Day!,

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