VGA out, avi weirdness (was Re: [Techtalk] sonypid/spicctrl)

Hamster hamster at
Mon Aug 19 12:23:51 EST 2002

> >   The Fn/F7
> > > combination doesn't really *do* anything, nor does Fn/F4 increase the
> > > volume, nor Fn/F3 mute.  
> > 
> > Those keys will probably need to be setup in order to function like
> > that. I am thinking you will need to set either kde or gnome up to map
> > those keys to a particular function, such as whatever programme you
> > are using to access the sound card in the case of the volume/mixer.
> Hmm.  I thought they'd Just Work if I got all the sonypi crap working.
> Will look into it.

Well, my reasoning for thinking differently is this: you install the sonypi stuff, but how can that one piece of software know which mixer you are using? After all there are lots of them out there, and I cant imagine the driver having some sort of routine that says "if programme a exists, bind f7 to a. if programme b exists bind f7 to b" . THere are a lot of letters in the alphabet, just like there are a lot of mixer type programmes.
Hell, I could be very wrong here and once its working your f7 etc keys might work too. But thats why I think it wont get your function keys working.

> I'm using 4.x.  Hmm.  If I put "Load "sonypi"" into the modules section,
> would that work, or break things royally? 

I think that if it wont work, all you are going to get is a line in your xfree log saying 'couldnt load module'. I dont think it will cause any further problems than that.

> Yeah.  But if I have a true third button, I shouldn't need to emulate
> that, right?
It causes no problems to do so. Its purely personal. I have a 3but mouse, but I have emulate 3 buttons on cause I spent so many years using a 2 button mouse that I find it easier to click right and left than middle :)


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