[Techtalk] sonypid/spicctrl

Conni ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Sun Aug 18 15:00:41 EST 2002

On Aug 18, Akkana conjectured:

> Just: modprobe sonypi
> But you don't need to do that if you put this line in modules.conf:
> alias char-major-10-61 sonypi
> Then whenever yoy try to open a device with major 10, minor 61, the
> kernel will know to load the module called sonypi.

Aha.  It wants 63.

> > I've also had no success getting the jogdial thing working right; maybe if
> > I get this sonypi installed right, I'll be able to fix that.
> Sonypi is the driver for the jogdial, so there's no chance your jogdial
> will work if sonypi isn't loaded.

Hrm.  Is there something else I have to do to persuade the jogdial to
work?  Hmm, wait.  I think I need to do make Xclients .Xclients.  (I tried
before, and it crashed X.)

> > Third issue:  If I want to use the enhanced sonypid.c or the bright.c,
> > where do I put them?  (I am not a programmer.  I'm a pharmacy student.)
> > Where do I paste the other spiffy functionality things?
> Put the source anywhere you like.  Many people make a directory under
> their home directory called "src" (short for "source") where they put
> the source code to their programs.  Myself, I have src (for my own
> programs) and outsrc (for other people's programs).

I stuck them in /usr/local/bin.  

> After reading your questions, I made a tarball that contains the
> two programs and a Makefile to build them, and more instructions
> on how to do that.  Let me know if I missed anything there.

Thank you!  That's so kind!  The only thing I can think of is saying what
to do with it, or how to know it's working.  Whether you have to reboot,
or anything.  (Do you?  How do I know it worked?)


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