[Techtalk] Compiling pcmcia wireless LAN driver when RH 7.3 has kernel pcmcia driver?

david feldman wb0gaz at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 17 13:58:40 EST 2002


Thanks to Caity for introducing me to the list.

I have a rather old laptop installed with Redhat 7.3 linux; all
seems to be working well (including PCMCIA which is able to
access a compact flash memory module).

I am trying to install driver for a linksys wireless LAN card
(WPC-11); the drivers for same come from www.linux-wlan.org.

The situation is this - the driver set above needs to be
complied (no binaries were found), and for it to be compiled
it seems to require presence of the pcmcia-cs RPM as source
(I would guess in /usr/src.)

I proceeded to locate the pcmcia-cs source RPM

and discovered that when I would try to install it using the rpm
command, the rpm command didn't do anything (no error messages, just
quickly returned to command prompt.)

I tried rpm --checksig against the same file (above) and got an
error message


I would presume from this that the file is damaged, however, I've
downloaded it several different ways and have pretty much ruled out
a communications problem.

I think there are two potential problems - (1) the driver I want may require 
the non-kernel PCMCIA setup (RH 7.3 is where it seems they introduced the 
kernel-based PCMCIA configuration), and/or (2) the RPM source is damaged so 
I can't install it, and as this file comes directly from redhat, it appears 
I am out of luck.

Anyway, I am pretty much at a point of frustration now, and after asking 
Caity for help, she directed me to this resource.

Much thanks,

wb0gaz at hotmail.com

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