[Volunteers] Re: Footers (was Re: [Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ...")

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sat Aug 17 11:43:29 EST 2002

It will be viewed in the original message, and stripped upon reply
*provided* you enable that mechanism in your mail reader. In pine's case,
I believe this is turned *off* by default.

The message does not explicitly tell someone how to unsubscribe, and
regardless if they hit "reply" (thereby stripping the signature) they
didn't read the signature anyway (since it points to a URL).

I don't think anyone wants to take the signature away. It is just a
*reply* function that automatically strips someone's signature. If there
is a reason mailman does it this way, I would love to hear it. All I could
find on the mailing list is that it is already *part* of someone's
signature so the mailman sig would be stripped by default too... and that
if you are replying to a digest and the digest has the signature quoted,
everything below that sig will be wiped out... though that is a problem
with *anyone* using sigdashes, not mailman itself.

If it is going to cause this much chaos, I will do as Mary does and just
have a smart rule that cuts them off. :o)

(sorry I am behind on my mail)

At 06:29 on Aug 12, Claudine Chionh combined all the right letters to say:

> > > There's actually some reason mailman doesn't do this by default
> > > (and it's not lack of knowing the convention), but I don't recall
> > > what it is.   I don't suppose anyone else does?
> >
> > The one that comes immediately to mind is 'hey, let's make sure we
> > inform the reader that this is a mailing list they subscribed to and
> > can unsubscribe to, and not random spam'
> I thought that, while some mail clients will remove the signature when
> replying to a message, all clients will still display the signature
> when you're reading a message, so the mailing list information is still
> at the bottom (assuming people read all the way to the bottom of the
> message).  Am I missing something else?

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