[Techtalk] Batch image resizing

Megan Golding meggolding at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 16 05:21:45 EST 2002

--- Scott <scott at scottah.com> wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to a program that will batch resize images?
> I have several hundred of Philadelphia I took and want to publish
> them on the web, but they are 2048 and I want to take them down to 
> 1024 and then make thumbnails from the 1024 images.


Check out the GIMP's batch mode (gimp -b <commands>). I think you'll
find what you need there. Looks like
http://adrian.gimp.org/batch/batch.html has detailed information.

Disclaimer: I tried using batch mode for something similar and was
never able to get it to work. If you have success, please share how
you made it work!


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