[Techtalk] Day 3, no Windows

Scott scott at scottah.com
Thu Aug 15 10:21:28 EST 2002

Okay gang, inspired by last weekend's thread about replacing Windows
entirely I have been running Linux only for 3 days and am happy to
report that life is better :)

I have two lap tops, a Fujitsu and a Sony Vaio, the Vaio runs XP and has
not been booted for 3 days.  I have been working entirely with Mandrake
on the Fujitsu and you know what, I am happier.  Now I am going to
consider moving the Vaio to Mandrake.

If you "take the time" with the Gimp you find a very powerful program at
the core willing to do whatever you can dream up.  You have to get used
to not being confined by the boxes like you are in PS and you have to
learn to do things a different way.  Almost like driving a car, the
basics are the same, but the Gimp has more horse power.

NCFTP has become my best friend (thanks Dave).  I am writing scripts to
automate moving files from the old servers to the new ones.

Emacs has also become my friend along with the "Learning GNU Emacs" book
by my side.  I can't believe I was holding onto Home Site for so long
after seeing what Emacs can do.  I used to edit my sites using Home
Site, FTP them to the server and then copy them into my directories, now
I edit live if I need to.

Oh, and it's nice that my MP3 collection has been playing on XMMS
without having to restart it every couple of hours :)


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