[Techtalk] Update on my Oracle situation

Arashi arashi at hpo.net
Thu Aug 15 22:28:37 EST 2002

A few weeks ago, I posted a question about my Oracle9i installation, ie: why
there was an OLAP installation problem.  I didn't know if it was a linux or
oracle problem. Sorry I wasn't able to follow up on that sooner, but a big
thank you to the people who responded anyway. I'm happy to say that Oracle
is now successfully installed on my computer.  The OLAP problem was
apparently caused by a corrupted download.

Now all I have to do is start and access the database which is another
problem itself.  The first time I logged in was right after installation,
using the scott/tiger username/password. But subsequent login attempts have
failed.  I get the following error messages when I try:

ORA-01034 Oracle Not available
ORA-27101 Shared memory realm doesn't exist
LINUX ERROR2: no such file or directory

I've been told this occurs because of mismatching   values of environment
variables, ie: ORACLE_HOME value isn't the same as the ORACLE_HOME used to
start the database.  But when I checked it, they were the same.  I've also
verifed that the database is running. Are there any Oracle users here that
could give me advice as to other possible causes of this problem? (Most
detailed guides I've seen online are for windows :( )



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