[Techtalk] file transfer between Windows and Linux

James jas at spamcop.net
Thu Aug 15 00:33:42 EST 2002

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 illini.engineer at att.net wrote:

> I've found the HOWTO about using the serial ports and a 
> null modem cable to transfer files between Windows and 
> Linux.
> Has anyone found any other methods or programs that they 
> know will work? I just want to copy an occasional files 
> between Win 98 machine and my Linux laptop. I don't have 
> NICs on either so anything using network is out.

A network is the most straightforward and versatile route, as well as 
being very cheap - if there's a reason you can't use a network, your only 
alternative to a serial link is a faster version of the same: either 
parallel (LapLink-style - same idea as the serial cable, but faster) or 

Is the hardware too old to support a NIC? (In which case, obviously USB is 
out...) You could set something up using, say, an external Zip/Jaz/CDR(W) 
drive, but that's a lot more expensive than a network - or remove the 
laptop's HDD, and plug it into the desktop.


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