[Techtalk] downloading Oracle problems

Mandi mandi at linuxchick.org
Tue Aug 13 10:54:58 EST 2002

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Jayne Heger wrote:

> Hello,
> has anyone else had any problems downloading Oracle 9i for Linux?
> It seems everytime I go to the Oracle site, log in, and try to download it it
> always goes back to the page I was viewing before.
> Strangely enough this only happens when I try the Linux version.

Jayne -

I'm not having the same problem.  It's letting me download the files from
this page:


Is that where you're downloading them from?

> Is there another site I can download it from?
> I really need it to be on my machine, preferably the Linux  version as I don't
> want to keep re-booting to Windows just to use that. Windows is for games
> only ;)

I've never seen another place to get oracle downloads.  i don't think they
allow that - their clicky license thingy says you will not redistribute,
etc, etc, etc.  You used to be able to get CDs cheap from oracle, but i
don't know if they're still doing that.

What browser are you using?  I've got galeon here, v1.0.3, with mozilla
v0.9.8. (mandrake 8.2)


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