[Techtalk] Which Distro?

caitlynmaire at earthlink.net caitlynmaire at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 12 17:23:01 EST 2002

Hi, Kathryn,
> What exactly do you mean by lightweight?

Uses relatively few resources and requires few.  Vector will still
install happily on a 486 with 16MB of RAM.  The default window manager
is IceWM.  Lightweight apps that some big distros like Red Hat have
dropped (i.e.: SIAG) are included.
> I'm a mix.  I must admit I find GUIs often make initial admin easier,
> then I can go in and tweak the config files if I want.

Agreed 100%.  I like the GUI tools a lot at install time when you are
effectively building lots of files.  Then, when it comes to day to day
administration or hardening a system I feel much more comfortable at the
command line.
> I dunno, I'd think that Debian has even more packages than them... the
> only distro I know of which lets you choose between *four* different
> printer systems (lpr, gnulpr, lprng and cups).

Perhaps so.  Red Hat only has three of the four, but provides a little
GUI tool to switch between them.  I haven't played with Debian in quite
some time.
> What, so basically it just installs things, plonk, in the filesystem,
> without any dependency checking at all?


> Is there any way of
> uninstalling things?

Sure.  Delete all the files.

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Great quote.  Blake's 7 is about to come out on DVD in the UK.  For
those of us with a DVD player that isn't region encoded it's worth
importing.  That and Sapphire and Steel :)

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