[Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ..."

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Mon Aug 12 20:25:20 EST 2002

I finally finished reading this thread (so far).  This is something I've
been thinking about as I started to install Linux on the desktop last week
(I mostly use it as a server OS).  I ended up getting CrossOver Office
from CodeWeavers. It was <$60, which seemed a decent price to be able to
run Quicken (haven't tried this yet -- it's the online banking stuff I'm
most interested in) and Microsoft Office under Linux (two of the software
packages I use most often).  Theoretically, Palm stuff should work too,
but I haven't quite gotten my visor to sync over USB yet.  Once that's
done, most of the software I use daily will run under Linux.  Exceptions:

* Speech Recognition -- I need to do more research into this. 

* Screen writing software (PowerStructure and Screenwriter) -- I need to
try this with CrossOver.

* Decent photo management software -- I'm sure there's something out
there, I just haven't tried it. I use ThumbsPlus a lot right now.

* A way to transfer music to the Nomad JukeBox 3.  I hate Creative's
software, but I'm not aware of any alternatives.

* Software for clients; there's no way around this one (short of
converting them all), so I'll always have to be able to use Windows.

* VPN software for SonicWall.  Maybe an IPSEC client will work ... we'll 


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