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David Merrill david at lupercalia.net
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On Monday 12 August 2002 12:46 am, Terri Oda wrote:
> > Volunteers: the request is for the footer that Mailman attaches to
> > have the first line be "-- " (the standard sig delimiter) rather than
> > the long series of "-" characters it is at the moment, so that mail
> > clients that recognise signatures will filter it out or mark it in a
> > different colour rather than displaying it as part of the message
> > body.
> There's actually some reason mailman doesn't do this by default (and
> it's not lack of knowing the convention), but I don't recall what it
> is.   I don't suppose anyone else does?

I don't know the reason, but to get rid of them you want to set sig_dashes 
off. In your .muttrc, put the line:

unset sig_dashes

If I understand your problem, this will remove the line of dashes. I 
suppose it should put a "-- " instead when set off, but I'm not really 
sure about that.

You can do cool stuff with mutt when it comes to sig generation. I have:

set signature = ~/newsig.sh|

in my .muttrc, which generates my sig by piping from a shell script. It 
assembles the sig block by combining a static portion (my name and 
addresses) and a fortune, including some custom files that I maintain on 
subjects that interest me, such as Dune. Or, in the case of this message, 
sayings of the great little-d democrat Thomas Jefferson. :-)


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