[Techtalk] kernel 2.4.19

mc mcgonzalez at att.net
Sun Aug 11 21:44:49 EST 2002

I am very happy to report that in my short (3 years) Linux computing
career I have finally compiled a kernel that would boot!  WOOHOO!!!!

The good news is the new kernel did get sound working.  The bad news is
I really screwed something up because none of the modules are loading
and I lost mga so my video resolution is now 640x480 :(  I am not sure
what I did wrong with that.  I tried to load it manually with modprobe
and got an "out of memory" error.

This has been a play machine so far, so I don't really care too much
that it is again semi-hosed.  I will probably go to plan B and pick up
an SB live tomorrow, and reload from scratch and stop playing.

Thanks again to all who responded!

I haven't lost my mind,
It is backed up on disk somewhere.

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