[Techtalk] edit manpath

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Sun Aug 11 22:49:12 EST 2002

Oh. Me and my too hasty fingers. I am not sure if this will work with troff files.
What I'll write below works definately for the ?standard foo.8.bz2 type man pages.
I've made a few assumptions too, namely that your man operates similar to mine (ie youre not using a bsd or powerpc type setup) and that you dont have any MANPATH MANSECT variables set in your shell.

I had a similar problem once before, and I solved it by looking at the output of:
strace man foo. If my solution doesnt help, then maybe you'll have to resort to doing that too.

Ok. What man seems to do is this:
The man.conf file will contain the entry: MANPATH /here/there
If you save your man page to /here/there/foo.8.bz2 then (as you have found out) man doesnt find it. This is I believe because of its 'search nearby directories function' (the option NOAUTOPATH in man.conf). It doesnt ever seem to look in /here/there, but in SUBDIRS of /here/there instead.

HENCE, if you create a subdir man1 thus: /here/there/man1 and place your manpage file in that subdir so: /here/there/man1/foo.8.bz2 
and add 
MANPATH /here/there 
to your man.conf file, then in my experience it finds the foo man page everytime.

So in your specific case, the man pages are in /opt/intel/compiler60/man/man1, so the entry in man.conf should read MANPATH /opt/intel/compiler60/man
man *should* find it now (I hope)

The other thing to do is comment out line NOAUTOPATH in your man.conf, but then that might stuff up how it looks for other manpages. Not recommended.

HTH (and that it makes sense)


> Hi Hamster,
> The directory is /opt/intel/compiler60/man/man1
> There are two troff files in there, icc.1 and ldb.1
> Carla
> > > Hmmm... I have an app that put its manpages in /opt- I edited man.config
> > > wiht the additional path, but man [foo] still does not find the man
> > > pages- is there another place to configure man paths?
> > >
> > > thanks,
> > > Carla

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