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Poppy sylph at cyber-dyne.com
Sun Aug 11 09:59:17 EST 2002

Just so you're aware, this is all I saw when I opened this message:

This message is digitally signed but can not be proven to be authentic.

Evolution does not recognize this type of signed message.

Granted, I don't have the latest and greatest evolution (didn't work on
my system), but still... 

On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 05:31, Nils Philippsen wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-08-10 at 20:09, Suzi Anvin wrote:
> > 2) Data analysis tools.  I needs an SPSS (Statistical Package for the 
> > social sciences) clone for linux.  Something that can do complex 
> > ANOVA's, correlations on a large number of variables, hierarchical 
> > regression equations, factor analysis, etc.  and spit out all the 
> > numbers into a pretty presentation ready forms.  (and pretty please add 
> > a scripting language that is actually useful for writing in equations 
> > the program doesn't have?  please?)  I've had people ask which *excell* 
> > functions I need a database program in  Linux to emulate (which means 
> > they don't even have that many functions?).  LOL.  Excell has a lot of 
> > stats, but it won't let you set enough parameters, and it doesn't do 
> > complex multivariate stuff.  I know many students over many fields, 
> > including some in mathematics and physics, that use this software to do 
> > data analysis, so while it may be specialized, it isn't rare.  EVERY 
> > university has a liscence for it, as far as I know.
> > 
> > I know this one is asking for something more specialized than the 
> > average user needs, but it is something I need.  :)  I'm thinking that 
> > GNUmeric looks wonderfully modular and could be used as the starting 
> > point to create this.  And I'm learning C as we speak...  But I would be 
> > so thrilled if it existed and I didn't even know it!
> There is a project called "PSPP"
> (http://www.gnu.org/software/pspp/pspp.html) which interprets SPSS
> language, but apparently doesn't do all things SPSS does (yet).
> > 3) turbo tax clone.  I can't afford to pay for an accountant to actually 
> > write up the whole tax thingy for me, although our family taxes are 
> > complex enough that we often consult with someone on the details. 
> > Filing by hand would be unreasonable by now.  I know this would be a 
> > VERY difficult project, especially since it changes every year.
> Well, here in Germany I know of at least one tax program for Linux. I
> know that doesn't help you much ;-/.
> > 4) still struggling with general laptop peripheral issues.  Linux laptop 
> > and USB support sucks.  Sorry, it just does.  I am having trouble with 
> > scanner support, camera support (had trouble getting Gphoto2 to install, 
> > *sigh*), reading flash cards (it simply doesn't recognise them), CD 
> > drive support for things like rescue CD's (*big sigh*) and have yet to 
> > play with the palm pilot software but I worry about that too...  I can't 
> > leave my USB CD drive plugged in for the constant stream of packets it 
> > sends back and forth with the OS, which slows the machine to a crawl, etc_______________________________________________
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