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hi Suzi

> chasing after an inquiry of a friend who is interested in linux but
> can't find the multimedia stuff her uses.  his list of needs for total
> conversion:
> graphic design tools,

GIMP, Scribus, Sodipodi
Blender (3D)
Phorum, Zope, PHPNuke, PostNuke - web tools... 

> image editors, 

GIMP - its as good as or better than Photoshop... :)

> video editors,

there are a few being developed - a search on LinuxJournal would probably have 
quite a few articles archived there, i remember reading a recent edition with 
an article on Film GIMP which looks very promising indeed. i downloaded the 
source via CVS but never got time to play with it.... 

> storyboarding software, 

Gnome Think, GScriptWriter, Phorum

> dev tools like director, 

this is sadly missing :( this is my own frustration too... i'm a Flash 

> mp3 tools

LOADS of them :) see http://sound.condorow.net
also dont forget to check out Ogg Vorbis format, its much better quality than 
mp3, is supported on Win/Mac/Linux platforms (Sonique for Windows supports 
ogg and is a very nice player), and is nice and free of patents ;-)

> vid conversion tools

not sure....

as a multimedia artist myself, i use GNU/Linux because there are quite a few 
things its apps can do that Windoze/Mac can't.... 
there's an excellent list of music software at 
http://sound.condorow.net - a lot of this stuff has been developed by 
academics or music professionals - studio producers etc. - and makes 
GNU/Linux more than sufficient for a music composing platform. there's some 
nice mp3 and wav based DJ-ing tools too... 




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