[Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ..."

Suzi Anvin suzi at anvin.org
Sat Aug 10 13:45:56 EST 2002

!!!  Please teach me how to suid a binary!  It would make me so happy if 
it all worked fine...

On other wants, a little playing today and I have gphoto2 up and running 
thru gimp and gtkam.  :)  yay!  Found out they were on the RH7.3 CD, but 
just hadn't been installed when I upgraded, so installing them was 
trivial.  I also downloaded and tried abiword and (although the instal 
wient smoothly, I must be getting the hang of this, installs are going 
smoothly?) was again gravely disappointed.  Bar tabs != tables...

Now - to find scanner software.  OCR would be a nice plus, but not a 
need - it never worked well enough for me to depend on it in Winblows 
anyhow.  And I won't hold my breath on turbo tax...  once a year opening 
the win partition I can deal with.

/dev/null wrote:
> On Saturday 10 August 2002 19:09, Suzi Anvin wrote:
>>I did the multiuser install bit as root, no
>>problems.  When I went to do the user install, it said it was unable to
>>creat folders.  (yes, I've bug reported) *sigh*
> oh yeah, i remember this too... i was running it as root for ages until i 
> realised that you need to suid the binary, then it all works fine :-)
> hth
> m

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