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> 3) NOT SOLVED: WYSIWYG web page creation programs as well-developed
> as some Windows alternatives. We've just discussed this topic here,
> on techtalk. I list it as not solved mainly because I don't think the
> Linux apps are quite as well-rounded. Is there a viable alternative
> to Macromedia's Dreamweaver for Linux?

alas, not yet... :(
mozilla's Composer is about the same as FrontPage Express... but theres 
nothing like dreamweaver...

or Flash... :(.. 
i specialise in Flash web design, its a pain to have to use Windoze to 
design... hopefully as Macromedia seem to be opening up their standards there 
might be a clone sometime?... then again, they seem as keen as Adobe on 
fighting patent lawsuits... (usually the two fight each other :-/...)



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