[Techtalk] "I need to use Windows because ..."

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> >>I'll start.  I have a friend who runs linux on his server, but he
> >>uses windows on the desktop because he edits a club newsletter 
> >>and
> >>needs desktop publishing software.  I found Scribus, which
> >>shows promise, but it's still fairly rough, not something I can 
> recommend
> >>my friend use for his practical needs.  Is there a better answer?
> We used to use Adobe Frame Maker on AIX and Solaris.   Might be 
> a chance it's 
> ported to Linux.   Problem is it's not free, and I doubt it's cheap.  It 
> would probably 
> work good in a business etting.
> Chris
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We use Adobe Frame extensively on Solaris and received a notice
some months ago that a Linux port was available for testing.
As I remember it the test version was free but I had no time
to try it then.  It may be pricey but, if they have done a complete
port, it may be worth it. Frame is an excellent piece of software.


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