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cgay at donslothower.com cgay at donslothower.com
Fri Aug 9 21:00:36 EST 2002

my name is Chris and I'm a unix geek.  I'm reasonable good at 
using linux and a few other things.  I'm a former contractor for I 
Blame Microsoft (IBM) now I'm unemployed and having a god time.  
For the last 4 years I was supporting a few large AFS and 
DCE?DFS cells for said company. I also did some AIX and linux 
support as well.  Though sometimes this was not really part of my 
job. Sometime I earned a degree that has nothing to do with 
computers, think it's in Business admin.  My new life starts Aug. 
30th of 2002 when I move to Brisbane Australia.  I figure I should 
see some more of the world.  

I think my hobbies niclude (outside of Unix) world travel, kungfu, 
anime, biking, bushwalking and being lazy.  Done a few dozen 
other things, though I never got good at them.  (think snow skiing 
while living in Vermont).  

Other notes about me, I don' see all that well so I do know how to 
make things big in unix :)   I also know some perl, tcl and other 
things I had to learn for my last job.   
pics of me are at:   www.donslothower.com/cgay

hope i can be of some help here
All those who wonder are not lost.

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