3rd [Techtalk] kernel What have i done

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 8 22:43:14 EST 2002

Hi All,

	It seems my hurdle has been identified, I have learned 
something thanks to everyones input.
	Can this be fixed by downloading Mndrk 8.2 rpms and going 
this route? It get me where I want, unless the error will pop up 
again installing the rpms. It is my guess and only a guess doing the 
rpms will solve the missing file problem and get me an up-dated 
kernel at the same time.
	Most important is not screwing up the server and it's files.
	Any comments welcome.

	Thank you again,

>On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 02:48:42AM -0400, Andrew wrote:
>>	I may be in deep this time, can't imaging what will happen on
>>  next reboot.
>>    To answer Malcolm suggestion of sending more info, I need to know is
>>  there a simple way to copy text in the gunome terminal window, to a
>>  text file,(anything text will do, gedit etc.).
>Highlighting the relevant text with a mouse and then just
>middle-clicking in the editor window is my usual way.
>Alternatively, run 'make dep >/tmp/output 2>&1' and you will have all
>the output in /tmp/output and can then edit it as appropriate. Or look
>at the 'tee' command (basically, you run make, send stderr to stdout
>(2>&1) and pipe the results to tee which sends the output simultaneously
>to stdout and a file).
>There are probably six other ways to do this as well, but that's beside
>the point for this thread. :-)
>>	2:14 AM-8/8/02
>>	In order to do something today I went ahead and cleaned out
>>  all files in /usr/src. Then unpacked a new 2.4.19.  Surprisingly I
>>  still get "file not found" error on "make dep" after make menuconfig.
>>  The original kernel is 2.4.3 Mandrake 8.0.
>>	Info:
>>	from scriptd/mkdep.c:35
>>  /usr/include/bits/local_lim.h36:26: linux/limits.h: Npsuch file or directory
>>  make: *** [scripts/mkdep] Error 1
>Aah .. I think I understand what's going on now (a little bit of
>guessing here, but maybe you can customise it to fit):
>As the error message says, the problem is when one of the scripts wants
>to include /usr/include/bits/local_lim.h, which, in turn, wants to
>include /usr/include/linux/limits.h -- and the latter file does not
>Is there anything under /usr/include/linux?
>I realise you use Mandrake, but for a Red Hat system, I would say to
>install the kernel-headers package for the kernel you are currently
>running (the working, stable version you had before this experiment
>started). I don't know if Mandrake has a similar package split, whereby
>you can get the appropriate header files without needing all of the
>source files. Something must be possible using their packages, since so
>much will go terribly wrong if /usr/include/linux is missing. That will
>give you a proper /usr/include/linux directory. Subsequently, running
>make dep again should probably work.
>If you think you already have the correct packages installed, or if
>/usr/include/linux/ looks pretty full, but is missing limits.h, then you
>need to poke around a bit more and try to work out where it went. Try to
>find somebody else (on this list?) with a Mandrake 8.0 install and see
>what 'rpm -qf /usr/include/linux/limits.h' returns and (re)install that
>If this completely fails to solve your problem, let us know and maybe
>somebody will have a brain wave.
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