[Techtalk] Website Building Program For Dummies (me)

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Thu Aug 8 09:20:04 EST 2002

(Disclaimer up front: my job is working on mozilla's editor.
I'm not trying to proselytize, just want to clear up a few points.)

Syleniel writes:
> Both Netscape and Mozilla have page editors. I have tried out the Mozilla 
> editor (the command is mozilla -edit). I personally don't prefer the Mozilla 
> editor for actual publishing, because it assumes that your images are all in 
> the same directory as the html file.

Fixed in 1.0 and later -- you can specify an image subdirectory.
Publishing snuck in to 1.0 at the very last minute; later builds (like
the upcoming 1.1 or 1.0.1 builds) will have publishing improvements.

> It also doesn't handle layers well, but 
> that's probably not a consideration for a basic web page. :)

A (somewhat controversial) decision was made not to handle layers in
mozilla, because they're not a W3C standard (mozilla's browser won't
display them either, nor do most browsers).

Poppy writes:
> has (Netscape AFAIK has NEVER been able to do tables, and even lists are
> stretching it a little... most of my pages now are done in a combination
> of Netscape and text editor/HTML for the fancy stuff)

?  Composer has always done tables, and a lot of work went into table
handling in mozilla (especially selection inside tables).  It does lists
too, though 1.0 had some annoying regressions in placing the caret in a
list (better in current builds, but still not as good as they could be.)

As I said, I'm not trying to proselytize, and there are lots of good
editors for editing html.  But mozilla is probably at least worth a
try, to see if you like it (and please file bugs -- bugzilla.mozilla.org
-- if you encounter problems!)


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