[Techtalk] connecting a dumb terminal

Katie Bechtold katie at katie-and-rob.org
Wed Aug 7 21:30:43 EST 2002

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 10:35:02AM -0700, Megan Golding wrote:
> My experience with serial lines has been that if anything at all
> appears in response to your keyboard, then your baud rate and/or flow
> control need to be altered.
> For agetty, try the -h option to see if enabling hardware flow
> control helps you out.

I added the -h option to my agetty call.  Now that I've explicitly
told the terminal's setup to use rts/cts, I feel pretty confident
that I should keep the -h option.  But nothing seems to change.

I get the feeling that when I modify the line in /etc/inittab, it
seems like things aren't being reset after I do a "telinit q".  I
say this because the terminal seems to react similarly no matter
what command-line options I give agetty (with the exception of
ttyS1).  The most frustrating thing, though, is that the reaction of
the terminal to my typing on it or doing something like "echo "test"
> /dev/ttyS1" is so non-repeatable.  I might press the 'a' key once
and it outputs an 'x'; the next time it may or may not output
anything.  And there's the same non-repeatability when everything
seemed to work briefly but then not work after I logged out.

Katie Bechtold

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