[Techtalk] Website Building Program For Dummies (me)

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Wed Aug 7 17:58:21 EST 2002

> Doesn't Netscape for linux have a component for this sort of thing?

Yup, but you're better off with Mozilla, I think. For one thing, it's more
up-to-date (netscape doesn't have Moz 1.0 incorporated yet -- as far as I
know -- and who needs AIM?

> 2. Play around with Bluefish

Works fine for me!

> you might also be interested in looking at Mozilla Composer

My current favorite. The little ragged points are not enough to drive me
away from the outstanding source generated.
	That would be the first place to start, I think, if what you want
is a short, sweet learning curve.


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