[Techtalk] Website Building Program For Dummies (me)

Malke Routh malke at attbi.com
Wed Aug 7 14:10:16 EST 2002

Hi, all.  I have an extremely plain website, which I made in (I can
hardly bring myself to say it) MS Publisher (in Windows).  This in
itself should tell you that my web-building skills are pretty lame.  I
just haven't spent any time in that area of computing, and although I'm
not averse to learning some html, I don't really want to get into web
design in depth.  Maybe someday, but right now my brain is filled up
with other stuff.  The only reason I even have a website is that people
expect it of a techie, and I can put simple information for the clients

Are there any linux programs that are sort of like Publisher, a drag &
drop kind of thing?  I wouldn't mind spending under $50 for a program,
but I can't afford any more.  

Right now, the only time I use WinXP is when I need to run The Print
Shop to make cards, Photoshop for fancier fun, Publisher for the
website, and my beloved TreePad Plus (a linux version is supposedly in
the works).

Would love your suggestions.

Thanks, and cheers,

Elephant Boy Computers
"Don't Panic!"

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