[Techtalk] OT: Windows NT Exchange Server has a spam problem

Raven Alder raven at oneeyedcrow.net
Mon Aug 5 23:41:21 EST 2002

Heya --

	Apologies for the off-topic post.  I don't know the appropriate
venues to ask -- I'm not a Windows admin, so I'm not on any mailing
lists that discuss this sort of topic.

	I recently started consulting work.  The company that found my
my current job has a real spam problem with their Exchange server.
It's Exchange 5.5 running on NT.  They have it set to only allow
relaying from their internal network, according to the instructions at:


It's (as far as I can tell, I'm not a Windows admin) fully patched.  Yet
the spam persists.  It's filling up their T1 and eating almost all their
CPU cycles.  I'd like to do them a good turn and fix their server for
them if possible, since they found me a cool new job.  I just can't seem
to figure it out.

	If this were a Unix box, I'd start wondering if I'd been hacked
right about now.  But I don't know what the signs of system compromise
are on this platform.

	Would anyone with NT admin experience who could point me in the
right direction reply off-list, please?  Thanks.


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