[Techtalk] thanks for all the help!

Raven Alder raven at oneeyedcrow.net
Mon Aug 5 21:59:18 EST 2002

Heya --

	The helpful part of this post: If you want to shut down unneeded
services on your box, you might want to look at the discussion we had on
this topic on the LinuxChix security course.


Quoth Sam Bradshaw (Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 12:50:22PM -0400):
> Also it would be nice to know how to figure out a way how
> to hack into these horrible cult members machines that are trying to get
> into my machine (actually got in several times before the personal
> firewall).

	You really don't want to do that, for several reasons.  First,
it's illegal.  Think about it -- it's almost surely not worth going to
jail over.  Secondly, it just escalates things into a technical arms
race.  Thirdly, you really lose the moral high ground when you stoop to
their level.  Learn to log and track their attacks, and report them to
the abuse department at their ISPs.  That's probably the most effective
thing you can do, besides making sure that your own machine is secure.

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