[Techtalk] Problems with a small program...

octal at solon-ohio.com octal at solon-ohio.com
Mon Aug 5 20:20:07 EST 2002

Hi, Beth!

I'm running RH 7.3, also and I've downloaded lnxbackup-1.0, moved it to
/tmp, untarred, cd'd to /tmp/lnxbackup/, 'make', and then ./lnxbackup
and it's started just fine. I did all of this as a user rather than as

I'm running gtk+-1.2.10-15. Have you verified your version of gtk? This
is just a guess as I simply have the stock RH 7.3 install with patches
(excluding kernel) applied.


Beth Johnson wrote:
> I have a program I've installed, from both a tarball and an rpm
> alternately, which I'm having problems with and I'm not sure where to go
> to from here, since the project seems to be dead.
> I had the same version installed and working previously in RedHat 7.1,
> now in 7.3 it doesn't work.  It's a backup program, lnxbackup, that is
> supposed to display system directories in one portion of a window and
> allow you to add them to the other section of the window which displays
> the directories selected to be backed up.  The problem is that it's not
> displaying the widget(?) with the source directories.  It's not even
> drawing the object at all.  It uses GTK to draw the GUI.
> I get no errors on "make" when I compile (no ./configure and no make
> install for this) and no errors when installing the rpm.
> Any suggestions on what to look at in the tarball files to see if this
> can be fixed?  Or maybe rolling back my GTK stuff?

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