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Jenn Vesperman jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au
Sat Aug 3 01:52:35 EST 2002

On Sat, 2002-08-03 at 01:38, Sam Bradshaw wrote:
> Hi, my name is Sam, I am a fairly experienced NT/Novell user. I have been
> working in IT for a few years and have mainly been involved in Network
> Admin, DB admin, routers, firewalls, that type of thing.
> I just installed my first version of Linux Mandrake 8.0 and have a very
> uncomfortable feeling like I am a complete dummy.
> Is this what "normal" users feel like when they use their "windows pc"??
> Maybe I have more sympathy now.

I believe so.  At least you know what a mouse is!

> Anyway, I don't know anything obviously and am helpless.
> Here are a few of my questions:
> 1) On boot-up the default is to go to Linux, how do I change this?

Do you know whether your boot loader is Lilo or Grub? 
It's easily changeable, we just need to know which it is so we can tell
you how. :) (Or we can tell you how for each.)

> 2) I just bought a USB mouse and a USB keyboard (paid a lot), I love this
> new equipment as it is sleek and silver -- but now I can't use Linux at all
> anymore! I don't want two sets of keyboards and mice.

I know Linux has USB support, it just needs to be configured. I've never
used USB anything with Linux, though. Someone can tell you how.

> 3) I am pretty concerned with privacy because people are always trying to
> hack into my computer (for several reasons), what is a good firewall
> software to install for Linux.

It's pre-installed. I forget whether it's IPtables or IPchains that's
the current tool, but whichever it is is already there. It will need
configuring, however. (Someone with more experience than me will point
you at the relevent HOWTO.)

> 4) I don't know how to install anything! The look and feel that I picked for
> Linux mandrake does not include Netscape but some other junk browser, how do
> I actually install the Netscape browser.

Galeon, Konquerer and Opera are all good browsers. However, Netscape is

I believe that if you look in your menus, you should find either GnoRPM
or KPackage. These are installation tools, and you can probably find
Netscape listed - if not, all you need to do is download the Netscape
RPM and tell your packager where to find the package.

Someone who knows Mandrake .. please confirm that I've mentioned the
right tools, and tell her how? :)

> 5)I need some good "office type" software that will be somewhat compatible
> with word, etc.. what do I do?

There's probably some already installed. Check your menus for any of the
KOffice (I think)

> I want to try to move to Linux, but right now all I am having is
> difficulty..

Learning curve. You had the same trouble with whichever operating system
you started with, you've just forgotten it.

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