[Techtalk] 802.11b, more

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 1 15:57:30 EST 2002


	I have yet to click on the link provided, it took me twenty 
minutes to find it in my stack of e-mails. Thank You for providing 
the link, it was nice thing to do.
	Today is the day to spend my time on doing the wireless, so 
far I have found a wireless Linux driver on Sourceforge called 
Spectrum24, the OS recognized the PCMCIA to PCI adapter, Maybe no 
driver was on the machine.
	Got lost for a few days attempting a kernel upgrade, call it 
a learning experience, not yet successful. Thankfully the server 
still works.

	I am interested in any other links or hints on wireless.
	Wired reported today a presidential commission is calling 
wireless a threat to national security. My bet is this is a shot by 
the big companies to regulate sharing bandwidth.

	This brings up security (again), over and above WEP which 
security is easier to impliment in Linux to Macintosh. I have only 
tempory access to this Mac. One other choice is to provide a Linux 
box as a wireless client, and server to the Mac By way of a hard line 
10/100. I do have an "extra" Linux box with a PCMCIA card.

	Comments, advise recomendations welcome.


>have you tried modprobe wvlan_cs or modprobe wavelan_cs ?
>this is pretty good... although im just learning here too so im a 
>bit lost with some of the more detailed stuff:
>Andrew wrote:
>>Hi All
>>     In my attempt to start a wireless network, I have got this 
>>far...This is a P150 minitower desktop. The only hardware available 
>>was a PCI slot, a PCI to PCMCIA adapter and a Intel 2011 PCMCIA 
>>I have got this far...Using HardDrake;
>>     Just found "bus type"-PCMCIA... good so far.
>>Now It seems to need a driver??
>>****Info: "This device hasen't been identified by HardDrake, please 
>>send '/proc/bus/*' files and to this device ID '00890001' to: 
>>harddrake at mandrakesoft.com"***
>>     Any hints ? What does it need? and where to get it?
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