[Techtalk] kpackage/rpm help?

Ruth Kneale rkneale at gemini.edu
Wed Oct 31 15:24:59 EST 2001

Rob Stevens wrote:

> > > error: cannot open Depends index using db1 - Permission denied (13)
> > Just to satisfy my curiousity, though, what does that error mean,
> anyway?
> It means as a user you don't have permission to query the rpm database
> file.

Ah.  That makes sense.  And Lee Blackwell said,

> A simple case of permissions I guess.  You wouldn't want the nasty users
> changing things now would you?? ;-)

especially not when I'm the stupid user!!

Thanks, folks.  I appreciate the dose of reality here.

So does anyone have any idea about why kpackage won't work?  (and that's
from root!)

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