[Techtalk] kpackage/rpm help?

Ruth Kneale rkneale at gemini.edu
Wed Oct 31 14:15:07 EST 2001

Hi, all -

I am about to go totally nuts here... and I'm sure it's a simple
solution but I'm so frustrated from staring at it I'm probably missing

Two problems:  one small and one large.  Small first:  I usually use
kpackage to administer and manage my RPM installations, but now it
won't run - I get:

kpackage: error in loading shared libraries:
/usr/lib/librpmbuild.so.0: undefined symbol: rpmGlobalMacroContext

I've tried uninstalling the package and reinstalling it, and keep
getting the same errors.  Any ideas?  How can I find where this
undefined symbol is, and how can I define it?  (Why is a fresh
installation running into this anyway? ARGH!)

OK, you say, so why don't I just use the command line rpm stuff?
Well, that's the large problem:  when I do that, I get a different
error, no matter what package I try and install:

error: cannot open Depends index using db1 - Permission denied (13)

I've searched the LDP, I've searched RedHat, I've even used Google to
try and find an answer to this.  I'm going _insane_.

Ruth (Help!  Help!)

PS: Is there anyone else out there from Tucson?  I want to start a
Tucson chapter of LinuxChix but it seems silly if I'm the only one
Ruth A. Kneale                                 Got books?
Gemini/JAC Librarian
rkneale at gemini.edu

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