[Techtalk] Streaming revisited

Jennifer Davis jsd at jenn.ca
Wed Oct 31 17:02:50 EST 2001

I wrote about this in August, (rather than
plaster a bunch of text, here is a link to what I saved.
http://jenn.ca/streaming.html) I didn't have much success then, but I seem
to having some success streaming mp3s now.  Obviously, I still need some
work on it.  The roadblocks I seem to run into now are buffer-related.

I am aware that I can't stream 128 or 160kbps streams off my pc with an ADSL
connection.  I don't know how to drop the speed down to something
manageable like say 24kbps.  I am using shout with icecase.  I have told
icecast to stream at 24000, but winamp (at the office thinks its 128).

I have left a stream running at http://brain.jenn.ca:8000.  Any
suggestions to improve performance would be ever so appreciated.  I am
using icecast and shout.



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