[Techtalk] Re: Buying a Machine Without Windows? Build it!

Jennifer Davis jsd at jenn.ca
Wed Oct 31 05:17:15 EST 2001

> "This is all analog stuff and a Pentium is digital and..."
> At this point he dragged my scruffity butt down to Computer City
> (Remember them?)
> and I bought, at his insistence, a case, motherboard, memory, drives and
> CPU, about
> $250 total.  Back home, using no more than a Phillips screwdriver and the
> hammer he
> kept threatening me with, I had a fully functional Pentium 90.  I was
> totally amazed!
> Dive in, but be warned!  Building computers is like eating one potato
> chip.  Never
> happens in the Real world, but not to worry.  Everyone needs a couple (or
> 3)
> computers in the abode!

I build my first machine 18 months ago, it was my AMD K6-2/500.  I love it
to bits.  I bought it a bright pink case so I could name my computers
Pinky and the Brain.  Brain is the short server.  My friends and family have
given me their old pcs and parts and I have added Slappy and Skippy.  I
run and SQL server on Skippy and Slappy is a text terminal.  It's true, you
can't just build one.  My only question is why the hammer?


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