[Techtalk] Feeling like a newbie again:route

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Tue Oct 30 23:27:19 EST 2001

> I've used route to do basic network setup, but I've never used it to
> reject or block routes. I know that there are several routes that have
> been blocked, and in pouring over the man pages, I can't seem to find a
> way to list them.

they _should_ be listed when just typing `route`.  of course, the Flags
for that particular host would be prepended with a "!".

otherwise your routing table appears to be fine ..

to delete a route added with `route add -host <> reject`, you should be
able to do just the exact opposite.  `route del -host <> reject`.

if you think there are still routes being congested in there somewhere,
take down the interface and bring it back up .. that should flush the
routes relative to that particular interface.

good luck!


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