[Techtalk] RH 7.2/KDE

Lee Blackwell lee_blackwell at eur.3com.com
Mon Oct 29 19:16:03 EST 2001

> Interesting.  I had the same problem on my Vaio SR17 laptop, running
> Redhat 7.1 (and the kde packages which came with that, 2.1-various),
> but only with a 2.4.7 kernel.  Initially, using Redhat's 2.4.2 kernel,
> kde worked fine and I was using it, but after I built 2.4.7, I got
> lockups every time I tried to start kde; I had to pull the battery out
I had a similar problem recently, but then that was my own fault, as I'd
managed to upgrade just one RPM for X to a version that was different to
the others.

<shame> Took me three days to find that. </shame>


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