[Techtalk] RH 7.2/KDE

Raven Brooke trinity at whoppo.net
Mon Oct 29 13:21:37 EST 2001

Thanks for your speedy response  : )

I did actually go out to kde.org and get a fresh new batch of the 
packages, then rpm -Uvh --force'd them. Same as before. It does seem very 
odd that new packages, a fresh install and good hardware should not work 
on just this one machine . . . I am almost wondering if it could be an 
issue with the chipset on the motherboard? Is there a way to change the 
windowmanager for KDE perhaps? That is where KDE seems to bail every time, 
maybe using something other than the default one would help?

In the pine config, I see where to change "personal name" (the part before 
the username) and "domain" (the part after the @) but I don't see a value 
for the actual usename that goes between them.

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Rob Stevens wrote:

> Hey Raven,
> With your KDE problem, did you try re-installing the KDE packages?  I would
> try to rpm -i or rpm -U <package>, then try to launch KDE.  With pine, start
> the mail client.  From the initial screen hit S for setup, then C for
> config.  Find the value's in the list you want to change, then hit A.

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