[Techtalk] fortune

Sam Watkins sam at myinternet.com.au
Mon Oct 29 17:26:56 EST 2001

On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 10:58:40AM -0500, Michelle Murrain wrote:
> (Does anyone know how to get mailman to display randomly the contents
> of a file in the footer? If someone can set that up, we could have a
> set of very short linux tips and links that get randomly generated
> from a list. I've seen it done in other lists.)

RTFM fortune(6)  ;)

no I don't know mailman, I'm just trying to be unhelpful! but seriously,
you probably should use fortune, that's what it does.  The original
fortune chose random lines from a file, that was that.  It's degenerated
a little since then - entropy, creeping-featurism and all that.

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