[Techtalk] netiquette

Mary Gardiner linuxchix at puzzling.org
Mon Oct 29 16:08:10 EST 2001

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 03:14:11PM +1100, Sam Watkins wrote:
> I do not want to start a war, I'm trying not to be rude, and I am not a
> pedant.  Please could we try not to quote unnecessary stuff in replies?
> Every time someone mentions this on luv, there is a war - please know
> that I am NOT trying to start an argument, it's not that important!

An additional point: this is especially the case with the digests.

If you don't snip in the digest, you will send the entire day's mail to
the list again. *please* don't - even those of us with large amounts of
bandwidth sometimes pay per meg we download, and I'd rather spend my
money on something other than reading the same 10-100kb of mail twice :)

Not to mention that the people who host this list also want to keep the
volume down due to costs.


Mary Gardiner
<mary at puzzling.org>

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